TruControl Brake Controller

Frequently Asked Questions of the TruControl™ Brake Controller

How does the automatic gain work?
TruControl™ uses a solid-state gyro alongside a computer chip with our patented software. The gyro detects acceleration/deceleration and angle of ascent/descent. It sends this information to the computer, which estimates speed based on acceleration over time. The computer updates the gain 100 times per second, meaning that you always have exactly the amount of power you need.

What is the CFG?
CFG stands for the Trailer/Tow Vehicle Configuration. It is a one time adjustment based on the weight of the tow vehicle and trailer. The CFG determines the amount of power sent to the trailer brakes when the TruControl™ detects the brake light signal. This is how all brake controllers stop the trailer before the tow vehicle. TruControl™ is different because it allows you to change that initial power output without affecting the overall gain. After the initial power output, the automatic gain function takes over.

Is the TruControl™ simple to install?
Yes. It connects to your 4-wire harness and mounts to the dash using two self-tapping screws. Total installation time is under 15 minutes.

Can the unit be damaged if I connect it wrong?
No. TruControl™ has reverse polarity protection. It simply will not power up if connected wrong. Just disconnect the wires and try again.

TC will control electric over hydraulic brake systems.
TC can be used with any kind of braking system without modifications. It automatically detects which type of system you have and adjusts for it.

What is the onboard computer software for?
TruControl’s™ patented software establishes a braking “profile.” This profile was developed by monitoring the hydraulic pressure in the tow vehicle’s brake lines. We found that this profile is always the same, but at different power levels. That’s where the automatic gain comes in. It simply “shifts” the braking profile according to the amount of power required.

What kind of guarantee and warranty comes with the TruControl™?
Hensley Mfg. will replace TruControl™ for one year for the original owner for any malfunction. There is also 30 day refund period for any reason. Hensley Mfg. will begin the 30 day trial period from the day you start towing with your TruControl™. Just call or send an e-mail to let us know when that will be.

Can TruControl be adjusted to haul multiple load configurations, like with horse trailers or toy haulers?
Yes. The UP and DOWN arrows on the front of the unit change the CFG with just the push of a button. For example, if you’re hauling an empty horse trailer, your CFG might be 8. When you haul one horse, you’ll change the CFG to 9. Two horses-10. And so on. For small load adjustments (under 1,000 lbs.), no adjustment is necessary.

Will TruControl™ account for trailer brake fade?
Yes. Brake fade is caused by heating of the trailer brake magnets. Since this changes the amperage pull of the magnets, TruControl™ will adjust the gain accordingly.

Will the TruControl™ alert me if my trailer becomes disconnected?
Yes. A “Trailer Disconnected” warning displays if the trailer becomes disconnected.

Will the TruControl™ work in reverse?
Yes. TruControl™ functions in reverse.

I’ve had other brake controllers burn out while traveling through mountains. Will TruControl™ perform better?
Lower priced brake controllers do not have the capacity to handle a heavy amperage load for extended periods, like when you’re constantly braking on steep grades. TruControl™ has a robust design that allows for 48amps of burst and 24amps of continuous load. Since most trailers will draw far less than that under the most extreme conditions, TruControl™ will never overheat or burn out.

Will TruControl™ adjust power output for uphill and downhill grades?
Yes. On downhill grades, TruControl™ will send more power to the brakes. On uphill grades, it will send much less, giving you a smooth and powerful stop each time.

Is it necessary to level, or calibrate the TruControl™?
Not any more! The new TruControl II does not require leveling or calibration. The original TruControl Gold and Silver models did require it, but we’ve used new technology to make the TruControl Brake Controller even simpler to use.

How many axles will TruControl™ work with?
TruControl™ will provide full power for up to 4 axles.

Will the Gold or Silver model controller put itself into sleep mode when vehicle is parked for awhile, or must you do it manually?
The TruControl Gold goes to sleep automatically. After 30 seconds, the TruControl Gold will go into sleep mode. However, it is still operating, even when the TruControl display is dark. The silver has no display so there is no sleep mode. Keep in mind all brake controllers draw a small current even while asleep.

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