Hensley Arrow Options


Hensley Hitch Options

Did you know there are many options available when you buy a Hensley Arrow or Cub sway control hitch? Most customers know that they can get a new or reconditioned Hensley Arrow Hitch, but there are other ways to buy your Hensley. Here are the options available:

Hensley Hitch with Standard Jacks or Snap-up Brackets

The standard jacks (shown in this photo) are convenient and easy to use, requiring only a ratchet wrench (included) or a cordless drill to tighten or loosen the weight distribution bars during hooking and unhooking the trailer. The snap-up brackets may be familiar to any of you who’ve owned a traditional sway control hitch. Since we introduced the snap-up brackets to the Hensley Arrow or Cub hitches last year, they’ve become quite popular. Not only do they save hundreds of dollars of the cost of a hitch, many customers prefer the simplicity.

Hensley Cub Hitch with Standard Jacks or Snap-up Brackets

Hensley Sway Control Hitch Cub

The Hensley Cub sway control hitch is also available with standard jacks or snap-up brackets (shown here). Besides the option of the weight distribution method, the Cub is also available in different sizes, depending on your trailer and tow-vehicle. Since there are several factors to consider, please discuss it with a Hensley Towing Specialist before making a decision. The Hensley Cub also saves off the cost of a an Arrow. And with the option of the snap-up brackets, you’ll find even more substantial cost savings. Another consideration when choosing between the standard jacks and the snap-up brackets is the type of towing you’ll do. If you’re heading for the interior of Alaska, simpler is often better. Your Towing Specialist will answer all your questions and let you know what is available.

Hanger Brackets for the Hensley Cub or Hensley Arrow Hitch


Because some trailer designs, like the aluminum-frame V-nosed cargo trailer shown here used by the Exxon-Mobil Emergency Response Team, simply do not allow for the tall posts of the standard jacks, and some of you may prefer a super-simple hook-up, Hensley developed hanger brackets specifically for use with our unique sway-control hitch system. If you have a very heavy truck and require little weight distribution, you may even prefer this system over the traditional jacks. For those of you who use them with a light truck and require greater weight distribution, it’s simply a matter of jacking up the rear of the truck along with the hitch, hanging the chain on the bracket, then lowering the tongue. That’s why the Exxon-Mobil Emergency Response Team preferred it. Fewer moving parts means a faster hook-up!

Weight Distribution and your Sway Control Hitch

It’s important to note that, with the Hensley Sway Control Hitch, the weight distribution has no effect, positive or negative, on the sway control system. In a standard sway control hitch, such as a Reese or Equal-i-zer, the weight distribution is an important aspect of the system. With a Hensley Hitch, you could remove the weight distribution bars completely and your sway control would not be effected. This is important to keep in mind. With a Hensley Hitch, weight distribution and sway control are not dependent on one another.

Re-Manufactured Hensley Arrows for Sway Control and Economy

Another money-saving option is a re-manufactured Hensley Arrow. These hitches are bought back from owners who no longer tow, completely stripped down and re-manufactured to original factory specifications, and sold back to you at a significant discount. Again, you can opt for the standard jacks or snap-up brackets to save even more money.

If you want the ultimate in safety while towing your trailer, but want to save a few dollars as well, be sure to ask about the options mentioned here when you call 1-800-410-6580. And be sure to download our free White Paper – How You Can Eliminate Trailer Sway. Simply click on the button below.

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