TruControl Brake Controllers

Do you find it impossible to set your brake controller so that it gives you adequate braking at normal speeds without yanking you out of the seat in bumper to bumper traffic? We did, too. That’s why we developed the TruControl brake controller. What’s different about the TruControl?

No Gain Control. TruControl automatically adjusts the available power (or gain) as you drive. As you increase speed, the available power increases. As you go uphill, the power decreases. And so on. TruControl gives you absolutely smooth and powerful stopping, no matter the conditions.

48 amps available power (24 amps for TruControl Silver). Most brake controllers peak at 18-20 amps of power. This means they tend to drop power quickly during sustained braking. TruControl will peak at 48 amps and hold a sustained 30 amps. Far more braking than you’ll ever need. That’s why TruControl is the safest brake controller on the market.

Troubleshooting features. The TruControl Gold gives you a visual readout of exactly how much amperage is being drawn by your trailer brakes. If you see a sudden drop in amperage, you know you have an electric brake poblem. Most controllers give you the voltage sent to the trailer brakes. But this isn’t useful information. Even when the trailer is unplugged, your brake controller is sending voltage. Voltage tells you nothing about the condition of your trailer brakes, only amperage can do that.

Easy installation. TruControl install like most brake controllers, a simple 4-wire connection. Our simple to follow instructions and included hardware make installation a breeze.

To order online, visit our store at or call 1-800-410-6580.