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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Why a Bigger Truck Will Not Control Trailer Sway

There is a comment we hear all the time: “I will just get a bigger truck to help control my trailer sway.”

Many believe that a bigger truck automatically ensures control over trailer sway when towing. However, this assumption oversimplifies the complex factors affecting towing stability.

Terry, one of our towing experts, has a favorite anecdote regarding this. He was traveling north to go to go camping, and saw a big 1-ton truck towing a small, less than 20-foot, trailer. That little trailer was also whipping back and forth behind the truck. No one wanted to pass them because of how much sway the trailer had. The big truck helps with getting rid of the FEELING of the sway. The truck driver seemed to have no idea that his trailer was swaying, because he couldn’t feel it happening. Only when they finally looked in their rearview mirror did he see his trailer out of control, and was able to safely pull over.

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Understanding Trailer Sway
Trailer sway, the unsettling side-to-side motion while towing, stems from various factors like wind, road conditions, weight distribution, and hitch setup. Tackling these directly, rather than relying solely on truck size, is key to sway mitigation.

Weight Distribution and Balance
Properly distributing weight within the trailer, with around 10-15% on the hitch, is crucial for stability. Utilize weight distribution hitches as needed to achieve this balance.

Find the Perfect Hitch for You in Just 60 Seconds

Hitch Setup and Quality
A well-aligned, secure hitch setup is vital. Investing in a sway elimination hitch like the Hensley Arrow® will address both the trailer sway and weight distribution in one hitch.

You don’t need a special truck to tow your trailer. Make sure you are within your towing specs (weight and payload limitations), get a Hensley Arrow to stop trailer sway, and you will have complete peace of mind while camping.

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