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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Can You Back Up with a Hensley Hitch?

We wouldn’t be in business for 30 years if you couldn’t back up with a Hensley.

When it comes to towing a trailer, maneuverability is crucial, especially when it comes to reversing or backing up. Towing enthusiasts often wonder if they can back up with a Hensley Hitch, given its unique design.

Contrary to the misconception that backing up is challenging or even impossible with a Hensley Hitch, the truth is that the Hensley Hitch does not restrict or hinder your ability to reverse your trailer.

The Hensley Hitch allows for a 165 degree turning radius , allowing the trailer to negotiate corners, eliminating the need to swing wide, similar to a 5th wheel trailer. 

How the Hensley Arrow® Works

The Hensley Hitch's design allows for smooth and controlled movement in all directions, including backward motion. Moving the pivot point to the rear axle of the vehicle enables the trailer to follow the tow vehicle's path while maintaining stability and reducing sway. This design feature is particularly useful when backing up, as it helps prevent jackknifing and ensures a safer and more controlled maneuver.

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Tips for Backing Up with a Hensley Hitch:

While the Hensley Hitch allows for easy and controlled backing up, here are a few tips to keep in mind for a smoother experience:

Start Slowly: Begin with slow and gradual movements to get a feel for how the trailer responds to your steering inputs.

Use Mirrors: Utilize your vehicle's mirrors to monitor the trailer's movement and alignment.

Steer Smoothly: Make gentle and smooth steering inputs to ensure the trailer follows the desired path.

Practice: As with any new skill, practice makes perfect. Take the time to practice backing up with your Hensley Hitch in open areas or empty parking lots to gain confidence and improve your proficiency.

The myth that you cannot back up with a Hensley Hitch is just that—a myth. The Hensley Hitch does not hinder your ability to reverse or back up your trailer.

On the contrary, the Hensley Hitch's design offers improved control and stability during backing up maneuvers, reducing the risk of trailer sway and jackknifing. By following the tips mentioned above and practicing in suitable areas, you can confidently and safely back up with a Hensley Hitch.

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