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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Guaranteed Sway Elimination

The Hensley Arrow® is the ONLY trailer hitch on the market that doesn’t use friction to control trailer sway. Hensley uses a convergence system that makes it absolutely impossible for the trailer to sway. It functions mechanically, without the use of friction so it exhibits consistent and predictable behavior regardless of changes in weather or road conditions.

  • Absolutely no sway
  • 82-degree radius turn
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 28 years and NEVER a sway-induced incident
  • Transfer weight off the rear axle to the front for better steering grip, ride quality, and stability
  • Lifetime Warranty for all parts and all labor
  • No lifting of weight distribution bars into position
  • Infinite adjustability on the weight distribution so you can dial it in for the perfect ride regardless of trailer load 


Our test run of 400 miles round trip was impressive and relaxing. After the white knuckles trip of last fall, fighting just to keep my rig on the road when a Semi passed us, I could not believe the difference. I had a string of 6 Semi’s go past without disturbance. GREAT!!

Your hitch is well worth the cost to get my family to our destination and back in safety.

David Dorsett

Since purchasing our Hensley Arrow hitch for our 30-foot travel trailer, we have traveled many thousands of miles around the United States and Canada, driving on freeways, state highways, and numerous back roads. The Hensley hitch has been great in all cases. Sway is not “almost” eliminated—it is “totally” eliminated.

James R. Hart

I received the new Hensley Arrow on Monday and installed it. We left for our 2 week trip on Wed. Everything worked very well. I was not stressed from the trip. There was absolutly no sway. The cost of the hitch was a shock, but now I will not pull my trailer without it. I consider it an investment, the same as the camper. With each trip, the hitch gets cheaper. The cost of safety can not be measured. Thanks for a very good product.

Gene Fisher

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