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Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.
Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.

How do I lift the TrailerSaver out of my truck bed?

This is a common question we often get and there are multiple ways this can be done, but here are a few effective strategies for hitch removal. Many of you may have used a 5th wheel lifting bracket with your previous hitch.



These are convenient and work well when you have a means of locking the hitch coupler manually, which you can with most hitches on the market.

Unfortunately, the TrailerSaver is a little different and the springs that operate the lock mechanism, require more force than an individual can apply to get it to lock around one of these devices. 

What does work?

A lifting sling is a great option that is easy to use. There are some strategies for using these correctly.  For the TS3 or TSLB you want to lift it like this to get it balanced.

TrailerSaver Lift strap  

Slide the sling around the locking block between the handle and the hitch head and lift it straight up. You can watch more with this short video.

For the BD style hitches you will need to wrap it a very specific way to get it balanced, by going through the locking block and around one side of the head, as shown below:

BD Hitch with lift sling


Some of you may use a tractor or forklift for hitch removal, and you can hook the sling around a fork or onto a hook on your loader. For those without machinery, there are other options such as an engine hoist or an overhead pulley style hoist.

Engine Hoist

You can pair a hoist like this with an inexpensive furniture dolly to move the hitch around once it is out of the truck bed and it can be rolled out of your way. 

What if I'm not at home?

If you need to remove the hitch temporarily another option is to leave the hitch connected to the kingpin of the 5th wheel, which can be lowered back into place after you are done using the truck bed.

If you have any questions about hitch removal the Tow Safe customer support team is available to answer any questions (800) 410-6580
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