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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Is the TrailerSaver compatible with a specialty pin box such as: Mor/Ryde, Gen Y, Flex Air, or Rotoflex?

Will combining one of these special pin box devices along with a TrailerSaver create a conflict or will they “fight each other?”

The TrailerSaver is compatible with all major pin box systems. The air springs in the hitch function independently of the pin box. All of these specialty pin box systems offer some additional flex either horizontally or vertically using either a rubber bushing or torsion band system.  This movement does reduce some of the “chucking” people often complain about, but are far from a perfect system.

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Using one of these pin box systems along with the TrailerSaver will provide a smooth and comfortable ride and the up and down movement form the air springs in the TrailerSaver will function as designed regardless if you are getting some relief in other planes of movement from one of these pin box systems. The Flex air system does incorporate a vertical moving air spring, which is duplicated by the movement of the TrailerSaver hitch. We would recommend that you inflate a flex air pin box to higher pressure than you normally would with a standard hitch to reduce the total vertical travel between the two air spring systems being used together.


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