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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Taking Anti-Sway Hitches to the Next Level

When it comes to towing, a stable and controlled ride is crucial for your safety and peace of mind. While standard anti-sway hitches play a vital role in preventing trailer sway, the Hensley Arrow takes it a step further. We’ll explore how the Hensley Arrow® outperforms conventional anti-sway hitches and enhances your towing experience. 

Unmatched Anti-Sway Capability
Unlike standard anti-sway hitches that rely solely on weight distribution and friction, the Hensley Arrow® introduces a revolutionary design that strives for ultimate stability.  A conventional sway control uses a trailer ball as the pivot point for the trailer.  When you turn to go around a corner it will turn on the trailer ball.  They all use friction in one form or another to try to dampen or control the movement on the trailer ball.  However, as soon as you have more energy applied to the side of the trailer than you have friction in the hitch the trailer can still turn on the ball and sway or fishtail.   

Build Your Hitch to See if the Hensley Arrow is Right for You

Linkage System
The Hensley Arrow® resolves the problem of trailer sway through a unique linkage system that effectively moves the pivot point to the rear axle of the vehicle.  The Arrow allows movement on the ball in every direction except side-to-side. Side-to-side movement is forced to go through the linkage system which is one directional. From the trailer side, the linkage is solid. Pivoting by the linkage must be initiated through the tow vehicle. The system’s design is inherently stable. Best of all, it functions mechanically, without the use of friction so it exhibits consistent and predictable behavior regardless of changes in weather or road conditions.  

Minimizes Risk of AccidentsBy effectively countering trailer sway across multiple axes, this hitch minimizes the risk of accidents caused by loss of control. Whether you're navigating sharp turns, dealing with passing trucks, encountering gusty winds, or traveling on uneven terrain, the Hensley Arrow® keeps your trailer steady and your journey smooth. 

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