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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

Should I remove my Hensley Arrow® Hitch when going to the dealer?

Removing the Hensley Arrow® Hitch when taking your camper to the dealer might not be necessary, but we do recommend it.

Here are a few factors to consider: 

Preventing Damage:  RV Dealerships may not be familiar with the Hensley hitch and may inadvertently change the hitch settings or damage the hitch. 

Ease of Service: Removing the hitch yourself might save time during the service visit and potentially avoid additional charges for the dealership to remove it. Removing the hitch, yourself is a simple and easy process.  It can be removed in about 10 minutes with no tools required.  6 pins and clips and you will have the entire hitch sitting in the back of your tow vehicle.    

Dealer's Preference: Some dealerships might request the removal of aftermarket hitches or modifications for their own safety protocols or ease of service. They may have specific procedures or requirements for servicing the camper. Contact the dealer in advance and inquire whether they have any specific instructions or preferences regarding the hitch. They can provide you with guidance on whether it needs to be removed when dropping off your camper. 

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Service Requirements: If the service does not involve the hitch or any component directly related to it, the dealer might not necessarily need it removed. However, if the service requires access to areas that the hitch obstructs or if it interferes with the repair process, they might request its removal. 

Always prioritize safety and follow the dealer's instructions or recommendations regarding the removal of the Hensley Arrow® Hitch before taking your camper in for service. If you're unsure, contacting the dealer in advance will provide you with clarity on their requirements. 


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