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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499

TrailerSaver Air-Ride TS3 Fifth-Wheel Hitch Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your air-ride fifth-wheel hitch is crucial for ensuring the safety and longevity of your towing setup. Regular upkeep not only guarantees a smoother ride but also prevents costly repairs down the road.

Below are steps we recommend for maintaining your TrailerSaver TS3 5th-wheel hitch.

Locate the two grease fittings located on top of the swing arm hinge on the front side of the hitch. Grease these fittings every 4,000 miles using high grade automotive grease.  


Check pivot bolt, located directly under head to ensure the nut is tight and not worn. Inspect this bolt once a year for excessive wear. If the hitch has more than 1/8” vertical play the bolt should be replaced. Nut should be tightened just enough to put pressure on the head so that it will not freely move side to side.  


Apply a spray lubricant to the following parts of the head (we recommend a white lithium spray grease such as this one from Dupont):  
-Side pivot pins located on both sides of the jaw opening. 
-Spray the tilt spring from front and back of hitch.   -Lubricate jaw mechanism front hitch opening. 
Jaw Pivot Pins
 Jaw Pivot Pins Locations
Fore/Aft Pivot Pins

Spray and tilt sprint from front and back of hitch.
Tilt Spring Location
Tilt Spring Location
JawMechanismJaw Mechanism

Protect the air springs from UV rays. Air springs may be treated with a rubber treatment to prolong life. 

A TrailerSaver vinyl hitch cover is also recommended and you is easily available through the Hensley Website. 




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