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Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.

Hensley Arrow® Trailer Hitch Maintenance

Hensley Arrow® Trailer Hitch Maintenance: Keep Your Hitch in Prime Condition

Your adventures on the road are about to get even better, and it all starts with proper trailer hitch maintenance. If you're the proud owner of a Hensley Arrow or Cub hitch, you're in the right place. We're here to guide you through the essential maintenance steps to ensure your hitch performs at its best, every time you hit the road.

1. Grease Those Zerks for Smooth Sailing

One of the key maintenance tasks for your Hensley hitch is greasing the zerks located at the back, bottom of the hitch's head. We recommend giving them 2-3 pumps of grease from a grease gun every 500 miles.  If you notice any squeaking or groaning around turns, it's a sign that the bars could use more grease.

2. Extend the Life of Your Hitch Ball and Coupler

To prolong the life of essential hitch components like the hitch ball and coupler, regular greasing is essential. At the start of every towing season, make sure to grease the hitch ball. If you're covering thousands of miles each year, consider greasing it more frequently. For detailed guidance, check out our article on "Greasing the Hitch Ball."

3. Keep an Eye on Those U-Bolts

Within the first 200 miles after installation and every 5000 miles thereafter, it's crucial to inspect the U-Bolts that clamp the frame brackets to the trailer's A-frame. Torque these nuts to 45 ft. lbs., ensuring you don't exceed this limit.

4. Secure Strut Bars for a Smooth Ride

Before connecting your tow vehicle, test each strut bar for any looseness or rattling. If you detect any issues, tighten the square nut as tight as possible using your bare hand and give it another ¼ - ½ turn using the handle on the square collar. Make it a habit to check these at every hookup on a level, flat surface.

5. Ensure Smooth Latching and Removal

To make latching and removal of the hitch bar a breeze, apply a light coating of silicone spray on the wedges of the hitch bar and hitch box. If you experience groaning or clunking noises while turning, it may be due to the hitch bar moving in the receiver of the vehicle. Clean any debris from inside the vehicle receiver with a wire brush and apply silicone spray liberally to both the inside of the vehicle receiver and the end of the hitch bar.

6. Keep the Jack Assemblies Dry

Never use oil or lubricants on the jack assemblies.

7. Maintain Your Hitch's Appearance

For a well-kept appearance, perform periodic paint touch-ups as needed. You can find a close match to Hensley hitch paint colors at most hardware stores. We recommend using Orange Rustoleum for touching up the hitch head.

Maintaining your Hensley Arrow or Cub hitch doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps, you'll not only extend the life of your hitch but also enjoy countless trouble-free adventures on the open road. Happy towing!

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