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Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.

Hensley Arrow/Cub Emergency Kit

Original price $30.00 - Original price $30.00
Original price
$30.00 - $30.00
Current price $30.00

Everything you need if you should ever lose or break one of the small parts in your Hensley Arrow or Cub.

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We also offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee at our Factory Direct Price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Doug M.

Great Company and Phenomenal Customer Service.

Richard R.

Hensley Arrow/Cub Emergency Kit

Alan W.

I wanted a complete set of pins, clips, etc. I shopped at a couple of hardware stores but no luck finding them all exactly as I wanted. Plus, it was going to be expensive. Then, I looked at Hensley’ web page and there it was - a complete set at a very reasonable price. Everyone should have this in their RV tool kit.

Rachel A.
A must have

We were well off the beaten track, with no repair shops within several hundred kms. Luckily, we had purchased a Hensley emergency repair kit and it saved our bacon. We would not be without it, hence why I ordered a second kit to replenish what we had used from the original kit.

Bruce S.

All is good. I have used the Hensley for the past 17 years towing my 40’ Sunnybrook! I will be sending it to you soon to have it refurbished. Hope this goes well, I.e. replacing bearings, grease fittings and spring bar fittings?

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