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Sway Control

Hensley Cub and Airstream

Do I need a Sway Control hitch? That's a question we hear often, especially from the first time trailer owner. When you're at the RV dealership, your eyes boggling at the beautiful little house on wheels before you, trailer sway is not on your mind. … [Continue reading]

Introducting the New SwiftArrow Sway Control Hitch

Hensley Hitch on Cougar

A New Hensley Hitch! Hensley Mfg. is proud to introduce the New SwiftArrow. The All New Hensley SwiftArrow is engineered around the same technology that has made our Hensley Arrow and Hensley Cub the safest sway control trailer hitches on the … [Continue reading]

Hensley Hitch – Downsized!

Hensley Cub

        The Hensley Hitch...light The Hensley Cub has become our best-selling hitch here at Hensley Mfg. And for good reason. The trend in travel trailers is toward lighter and smaller. North American RVers are adapting … [Continue reading]

The New Hensley Hitch

Trailer Sway Control with the Hensley Cub

The Hensley just keeps getting better! The safest trailer hitch on the road just keeps getting better. Since the launch of the Hensley Hitch over 20 years ago, we've continued to improve and add options to the Hensley Arrow. Beginning … [Continue reading]

Hensley Arrow Options

Hensley Hitch on Cougar

Hensley Hitch Options Did you know there are many options available when you buy a Hensley Arrow or Cub sway control hitch? Most customers know that they can get a new or reconditioned Hensley Arrow Hitch, but there are other ways to buy your … [Continue reading]