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Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.
Want to find the perfect hitch? Take the Quiz.

What is the difference between the Hensley Arrow® and Pro Pride 3P®?

While searching for a sway elimination system that performs better than a standard weight distribution hitch it is inevitable that you will find two hitch brands that stand apart from the rest. The Hensley Arrow® and the ProPride 3P® hitch.

Why are both of these hitch systems superior?

Both the original Hensley Arrow® and the ProPride do not rely on friction to eliminate sway before it begins, but instead utilize a unique linkage system, first perfected by Jim Hensley, to transfer the pivot point a distance forward from the trailer coupler. What this means is that with both systems, the trailer cannot sway out of control by a force applied to the side of the trailer.

What are the differences between the two systems?

Outside of slight dimensional differences, the primary design change between the Hensley Arrow and the ProPride is the method used to prevent the trailer from moving at the ball and coupler.  The ProPride utilizes an under frame yoke system made out of tubular steel that is bolted to the bottom of the trailer A frame. The Hensley Arrow® uses two adjustable bars referred to as strut assemblies that sit outside the trailer A frame and pinned to the frame brackets on one end and the main unit on the opposite end.

There are trade-offs with both designs, but we will detail why we use the strut system and why it has advantages. The struts are very easily adjustable, in fact you can tighten, loosen and even remove them without any tools in a matter of seconds. This is important for two reasons: you may need to remove the hitch from the trailer or make adjustments. If you ever feel even the slightest bit of wiggle in your trailer with the Arrow, that is caused by tolerance at the trailer ball/coupler; all you do is simply use the built-in tensioner on the struts to make them firm again and you will NEVER have even the slightest bit of movement in your trailer so you can achieve what we like to call perfect stability.

Hitch Bars

Both systems use a method of attaching a square bar to the vehicle receiver and coupling it to the main unit by backing the square bar into a square opening. ProPride offers an adjustable hitch bar, which can be changed to accommodate different vehicles of varying receiver heights. Tow Safe LLC offers both an adjustable hitch bar option and the more traditional fixed non-adjustable hitch bars.

Which is right for you?

There are trade-offs with both options. The primary advantage of the adjustable bar is that you really only need to purchase one bar, even if you have multiple tow vehicles or trade vehicles frequently, this will save shipping by not having to exchange bars. What are the downsides?

  • Heavier than every fixed non-adjustable hitch bar
  • More expensive to manufacturer, therefore they cost more
  • Require regular maintenance as the adjustment bolts must remained torqued to proper setting at all times

We want to give you choice. If the adjustable bar makes sense, you can get one for the Hensley Arrow. If you like the idea of a lighter bar with no maintenance the traditional fixed hitch bar may be the better option and you can decide.

Tow Safe is committed to continual improvement in the manufacturing of all product offerings and that includes offering more choices to suit your needs.  


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