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How to hook up your Hensley Arrow® Hitch

Hooking Up Tips and Techniques - Follow these steps to hook up.

  1. Make sure your trailer tires are chocked!
  2. Your weight distribution should still be in the relaxed position.
  3. Insert the hitch bar in your truck, and back up to get close to the hitch box opening on the Hensley. Do not try to hook up yet. When you are close, compare the angle of the hitch bar to the up and down angle of the hitch box opening.
  4. If the up and down angle of the hitch box does not match the hitch bar you will need to adjust the screw jacks on the Original Arrow or adjust the spring bar support rods on the Swift version. Think of your spring bars like the handles of a wheelbarrow. When you pull the spring bars up,
    the hitch head will tilt down. When you press down on the spring bars the hitch head will point upward. Change the up and down angle of the hitch box to match the angle of the hitch bar sticking out of the back of your vehicle
  5. Use your tongue jack to get to the height of your hitch bar to be the proper height to enter the hitch box opening.
  6. When you are satisfied with the height and angle, go ahead and back into the hitch box and close the latches on the front of the hitch.
  7. You will need to enter the hitch box fairly square right and left. If the bar doesn’t go all the way into the hitch box you may need to pull forward and move the front wheels of the truck over a little to make the vehicle more in line with the trailer.
  8. If the hitch bar goes almost all the way into the hitch box but lacks the last inch you may be able to use the over center latches to pull the hitch bar the rest of the way into the hitch box opening.

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