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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
TrailerSaver Featured on Diesel Brothers

TrailerSaver Featured on Diesel Brothers

If you’re a fan of The Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers, you might have caught site of what the boys refer to as the “crème de la crème of trailer hitches” and the “big daddy of big daddy hitches.”

That hitch was our own TSLB2H Air-Ride hitch, the 32,000 lb. monster that has, apparently, caught the attention of the guys who play hardball with their pickups.

The 2H was installed (in about six seconds) in a Ford F350 with a few other slight modifications. We’re hoping to get a photo soon so we can post it (copyright and all that). For now, here’s a link to the episodes.
Discovery Channel Diesel Brother Episodes

Be sure to watch season 3 episode 2 for some serious towing badassery (I really got into the show).

And thanks to the Diesel Brothers for such an amazing testimony.


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