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3R Odor-Con Black and Grey Water Holding Tank Treatment

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Odor-Con is used to treat the black and grey-water tanks in RVs, boats, airplanes, etc. It requires only 1 ounce per 60 gallons of tank capacity for normal use. Odor-Con is simply one of the best treatments available for odor control. No need for any other products, no special toilet paper. Think of Odor-Con as "time release". It only reacts as needed when acid is present.

Quart container contains 32 treatments/60-gallon tank capacity. 4-ounce, pint size, and gallon size are also available.  Not only is Odor-Con the most effective product available, it may also be the most affordable at only $.73 per 60-gallon treatment (based on Quart pricing).

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Brent Loomis

We are pleased with the very professional service we experienced. Perhaps clarification is needed for Odor Con vs Purogene.

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