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Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Hensley Cub Sale - Just $1499
Fifth-Wheel Camper

Advantages of a Fifth-Wheel Camper

Ultimately the reasons for switching to a fifth wheel from a travel trailer are often a matter of lifestyle and preference, here is a short list of advantages with a fifth wheel camper.

  1. No wasted length with a trailer tongue. Because fifth wheels essentially provide living space from nose to bumper, you don’t have to add 4’ of additional trailer length that is not utilized as living space.

  2. Larger master bedrooms. Many fifth wheels take advantage of the spacious front section to provide a bedroom that often features a king-sized bed. This is a better option if you plan to live in your RV for longer periods of time.

  3. Many more options. Due to the higher GVWR ratings and additional internal space, you will find a lot of convenience options that are simply not offered on many travel trailers.

  4. Most people would list no sway and more stable towing experience as reason #1 for switching to a 5th wheel, but of course Hensley Arrow owners NEVER experience trailer sway so that is not a reason to go fifth wheel if you are using a Hensley Arrow to pull your travel trailer.


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